P.E & Sports Grant Funding: Academic Year 2016-2017


For the academic year 2016-2017, we received £9,807 to allocate towards Physical Education and Sports at St Mary's Island Primary School.  Below is an outline of the how the funding has been used and the impact that it has had.

Use of the funding
  • Sports clubs are organised enhancing a fit and healthy lifestyle, while extending the opportunities offered to the children and further developing their skills:

There are daily lunchtime clubs for KS2 that target a range of different sports throughout the year.
Focused extension groups develop groups of children towards competitive squads in various sports.
Younger children are developed alongside older children in order to create continuity in the quality of our higher achieving children, through their inclusion within our development squads.

Weekly after school multi-sport clubs offer a variety of sports and activities for a range of different age groups.

The sustainability of fit and healthy lifestyles are encouraged and promoted through our Physical Education lessons and sports clubs.
  • Sports competitions are organised in-house and with other schools:

We compete in the Medway Cross-County League and host one of the meets in and around our school grounds.

Inter-house competitive sports day for all key stages.
Friendly fixtures organised with other schools where available.
  • The locally organised Mini Youth Games (MYG) are attended, with our representation present in all 10 of the sports tournaments offered:

Both the fair-play and competitive aspects of sport are emphasised and encouraged.
Team spirit, respect and leadership skills are developed.

  • All children have the opportunity to represent the school:
Children are selected for the Mini Youth Games, through open trials organised for year 5 & 6 and evidence obtained through assessment during P.E lessons.
Where there is exceptional performance or potential seen, year 4 children can be invited along to the trials and development squads.
  • Links with ‘Club Mark’ affiliated local sports clubs:
Children are signposted to local sports clubs that offer quality coaching and are committed to the safe guarding of children.
Information about local clubs is displayed within school, on a wall display, reception welcome screen and web links are included on our school website.
Local clubs are named and recommended during celebration assemblies, where children bring in awards and trophies earned with their clubs from outside of school. 
  Impact of the funding
  • Mini Youth Games:

St Mary’s Island Primary School has been one of the schools that have attended every event available during the Mini Youth Games series.
We have seen good results with top 3 finishes in the last four years (2013-2017), winning the overall series three times within that period.  The most recent of which has also seen us set a new record for points total in the overall MYG league standings.
Younger children have been inspired.  This has led to a desire to take part and represent our school through our sharing and celebrating of results, with PowerPoint presentations and medal/certificate ceremonies during assemblies.  We have a dedicated sports board in our reception area that celebrates our successes and highlights the importance of the role of sport within our school.  Our teams have been monitored through an increased number of visits to the MYG section of our school website.
  • MYG Squad Training:

Following an initial trial and a few weeks of additional training, groups of children are narrowed into a development squad.  These are the final group of children that have shown the capability to perform competitively during competition in given sports.
We keep double the number of children allowed for the final MYG squad, this helps us to train a full-strength team competitively right up to the MYG events.  This also enables us to fully compliment the development squad with an equal number of year 5 and year 6 children, ensuring continuity in our squads and training.
This training setup benefits the chosen squad and develops the future additions to these squads, for who better to train against than the previous year’s champions.
  • Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs:

We offer multi-sports club to both KS1 and KS2 children, with both groups being well-attended.  The children are exposed to a number of different sports and isolated skills, whilst promoting healthy lifestyles through physical activity.  These clubs are important as they cater for all children of all abilities and allows them to experience additional coaching in a variety of sports, while increasing their weekly minutes of physical activity.
A link with Medway Rugby Club has been developed, where they provide experienced specialist coaches to firstly offer curriculum sessions to targeted year groups and then also run an after school club.  The coaches get to reach all children within the targeted year groups, and then focus additional development on those who show a keen interest and opt to attend the after school sessions.
We have a well-established link with a specialist coach from Chatham Table Tennis Club.  The coach has been working with us for a number of years and runs an optional after school table tennis club.  At the relevant time of year, the coach also works with our MYG development squads for table tennis.
  • Joining Clubs Outside of School:

Our children have joined sports clubs outside of school as a result of their enjoyment and encouragement through curriculum P.E, experiences from extra-curricular clubs, or being inspired by visits from established athletes.  Children have taken up or re-joined local club training in hockey, gymnastics, swimming, rugby and judo.

  • Local and county representation:

A number of our children have gone on to represent the local area in the Medway District Football, some have been selected from a qualifier to attend the Medway Sporting Academy and a few have gone on to represent at county level in Secondary school.

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