Our high quality English curriculum is tailored to our children’s needs and interests. Our weekly lessons promote spoken language, reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation in varied and interactive ways.

We strongly believe that the principles of speaking and listening underpin children’s abilities to write. Children are given rich and cross-curricular opportunities to express their ideas and emotions aloud and then in writing. Writing takes place during real and purposeful tasks from which children receive focused and meaningful feedback.

Our children’s first experiences of phonics demonstrate and encourage a synthetic approach. The sounds are taught and applied by children in a wealth of engaging tasks. Rapid improvements are ensured by a consistent approach as children progress through the school. 

In this school we use the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme to teach phonics.
Our children read for real purposes, encouraging them to fulfil a thirst for knowledge and exposure to a broad variety of rich texts. Reading, as you know, is a skill for all children to master.  Throughout the curriculum, we highlight to the children, the importance of acquiring fluency and understanding of texts.  We promote in school every opportunity to practise this skill and kindly ask for your support, no matter what age your child is, by reading daily with or listening to your child read at home.   To this effect all children are issued with a book and a reading record to be completed by an adult.  These should come in and out of school every day.


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