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St Mary's Island CofE Primary School

School Activity Clubs

We have a variety of after school clubs which change during the year depending on the seasons. We also have lunch time clubs and early morning activities. Here are some of the activities our school has to offer:
  • Computing Club
  • Lego Club
  • Board games
  • Splat
  • Art Club
  • Nature Club
  • Seasonal sports
  • Cooking
  • Kingsquad
  • Mini-King


We also facilitate for other clubs to run sessions at our school:

  • Multi-Sports Club
  • 'Fizz Pop' Science Club
  • 'Magical Maths' Mathematics Club
  • Sewing Club
  • Chess Club


If you would like more information regarding the clubs, please contact the school office, who will give you relevent information to contact the clubs directly.

*School Activity Clubs are offered on an alternate basis, depending on the term.