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St Mary's Island CofE Primary School

Welcome to St Mary's Island Nursery

Thank you for your interest in our nursery. 

Below is some information that you might find useful.

   Our Nursery Class is called Squirrels. 

This is because we have a resident squirrel on our premises. We have named him Stanley.


Our Nursery Ethos

We believe that young children should learn and develop through a balance of adult-led activities and child-led play and learning. Young children are curious and love exploring so some of their best learning will happen when they are playing alone or with others.

Nursery Facilities

The nursery building was completed in the summer of 2018 and is a purpose-built building with 2 open-plan rooms, a kitchen, children’s toilets and a secure outside play area with some cover to allow outside play all year round.


Nursery Resources

 Inside, the nursery has defined areas for learning including as mentioned above block area, malleable area, art and craft, home-play, construction, sand and water. There are 2 smart boards for the children to use.

 Outside we have more large hollow blocks, mud kitchen and many other opportunities for physical development. Children will be allowed to free-flow inside and out for most of the session in all weather.



 We follow the EYFS framework and focus on the prime areas of Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal and Social development with the youngest children. As the children move in to the year before they start school we also begin to include more adult-led teaching of phonics and maths following the same schemes as the school. All activities are playful and encourage active learning.

Staff Team

All the staff in the nursery have an Early Years Qualification. The nursery is led by a qualified teacher and supported by nursery assistants. All children will be allocated a key person who will be your first point of contact but children will be taught by all staff.

Outline of the Day

The morning session starts at 8.45 am. Children at breakfast club will be collected by a member of the nursery team. Children arrive with their parents/ carers change shoes, hang up coats and change library books. Children self-register. Children then settle themselves to a self-chosen activity. Some activities will have been set up for the children to access, they are also free to find resources that they particularly like.

  • At 9.15am children gather on the carpet for welcome time, whole group story. This is followed by an adult led focus activity. This will probably have a phonics or maths focus.
  • At 10.00am morning snack is available for the children to choose.
  • After snack children can free flow inside and outdoors.
  • At 11.30am children gather on the carpet for songs and rhymes.

  • At 11.40 we have Worship.

  •  At 11.45am morning children get ready to go home. Children staying for lunch have this.

  • At 12.30pm the afternoon session begins. Children arriving self-register, change books and join the other children in child led learning.

  • At 1.15pm we have our afternoon adult-led learning.

  • At 1.45pm afternoon snack is available.

  • At 2.30pm the children put toys back where they belong and join together on the carpet for adult focus, story and songs and rhymes.

  • From 3.15pm children start to go home. Other children have a selection of toys on the carpet.

  • At 3.30pm the afternoon session ends and children are collected or taken to after school club by nursery staff.




What will my child need?

Nursery children wear a school sweatshirt. These can be blue, yellow or green, jumper or cardigan style and are available to buy from Schooltime in Chatham. All clothes should be named

Under these children can wear a polo shirt in white, yellow, green or blue (school colours). Joggers, leggings or elasticated school trousers in a dark colour are best for the bottom.

Children will need outdoor shoes or trainers and also soft shoes or slippers to change into indoors and wellies to wear on wet wintry days outside. Children will also need a change of clothes for emergencies in a named preferably drawstring bag.

Children will always need to be dressed suitably for the weather as they will be allowed outside at some point every day.

Children will be given a book bag when they start for you to borrow books to share at home.

We really look forward to welcoming your child.