APPEALS for Year R – Academic Year 2016/17

18th April 2016. The offer of a place will be given.

18th May 2016. This is the date by which an appeal for Year R for September 2016 must be submitted if you do not want the school to which you have been allocated. Your appeal should state your reasons for this request. Additional information may be submitted later and full information regarding your appeal will be sent to you once the school receives your initial request in writing.

You are asked to note that if the appeal is for Year R, (or any other year in KS1) that the school is bound by infant class legislation. This means that it against the law to have more than 30 children in any one class and this number has been allocated according to the school’s over-subscription criteria. Consequently, there are only limited conditions under which an appeal may be upheld. Very, very few appeals, if any, are successful for Year R /1/2 because of infant class law. Last year no appeals were successful at this school.

Any appeals for this school will be held in early/mid July 2016 but you are advised that your chances of success are minimal as stated above.

It is advisable to place your child on the school’s expression of interest list alongside any appeal request.

Any appeals lodged after 18th May/‘in-year’ casual admissions will be heard within 30 days of submitting the request.

If you have any queries regarding an appeal, then you are asked to contact the school.
If you are moving into the area and would like a school place please contact Medway Council's Student Services Operations Team - Casual Admissions team or visit Medway Council .


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